Friday, May 18, 2012

Raw Food Diet For Cancer Patients

I was reading the other day again from Dr. Robert Morse's book the chapter about raw food diet for cancer patients. And I was once again amazed by the breakthrough information presented in a very condensed form, but still very easy and interesting to read.

What I want to stress in this short article is an idea which I think is important in the light of so much information about raw food and cancer patients that is now available on the INTERNET.

And that idea is that the raw food diet for cancer patients is different from the raw food diet for other health conditions.

Now, I don't want to say that there aren't certain raw foods which are stronger in their effect on cancer than others.

But, the point I am trying to clarify is that a raw diet will help heal any type of illness, including cancer.

So, if you make the transition to the raw lifestyle you will also be on your way of regaining your health if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

A real story comes to my mind right now.

A man was diagnosed with cancer. And after following the traditional procedures and treatment the doctor prescribed him, he was told that the cancer progressed and he had only a few short months to live.

So, it was better for him to go home, because there was nothing else medicine could do to him.

As he walked out of the hospital, sad and discouraged, he went through a market.

And there he saw some red grapes. He bought a few pounds and started eating them.

He continued to do this, transforming it in a habit, since he couldn't eat much else of cooked food.

Waiting to die and death not coming, he went back to the hospitals for analyses. After the results came, he was surprised to find out that his cancer was on remission.

You can imagine his joy at this amazing news.

We can rightly say that this man stumbled on the raw food diet for cancer patients.

And that is my point. Don't wait to find a raw diet which is specifically designed for cancer patients.

Start with the best raw food program available to you. Or, start eating raw right away. The benefits will not delay to show in your life.

And then you can get the extra edge with a few more veggies and fruits which you can include in your diet.

Also, juicing is a must for a cancer patient.

Difficulties and Countermeasures Liver Cancer Treatment

Human liver cancer is the most common one of the most difficult treatment of the disease. With the scientific and technological progress, liver cancer diagnostic technology has been improving, sub-clinical stage liver cancer can be diagnosed. Early detection and removal as soon as possible, but also to the early and mid-term liver cancer patients has brought vitality. But those recurrence, and then again with a relapse and recurrence and to prevent the transfer of such issues; those who can not accept surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment or intervention in patients with advanced liver cancer and the postoperative physical rehabilitation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy after the toxicity of The treatment of such issues; Western medicine, it is helpless. At that time Chinese medicine treatment or combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment has great advantages. These difficulties are now on the solution for brief introduction.

Difficult one: pre-cancerous lesions of the prevention and treatment

1. Prevention

(1) to guide people to improve their living conditions, such as water sanitation, food hygiene, living conditions.

(2) treatment of active viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and so on. With particular emphasis on hepatitis B and hepatitis C treatment.

2. Treatment

Actively seeking Chinese medicine treatment and control of pre-cancerous lesions progress.

(1) Bushen Yanggan, enhanced macrophage phagocytosis. Common side were: 2 to balls, fried, and so consistent. Hepatitis is less than suitable for liver and kidney, Yangan dry mouth, insomnia weak, soft Dengzheng knee pain, long-term use.

(2) Jianpi Yiqi, nourishing and promoting NK cell activity, commonly used to: Yang-ginseng soup ( "Punishment and the Council"), Shiquandabu soup. Suitable for liver disease of people falling into the frail, long-term use.

(3) heat Xiehuo antidote to enhance cellular immune function, a common side: Huanglianjiedu Decoction, Effects of Decoction, such as: suitable for viral hepatitis, are hot Kouzao, Diarrhea, yellowed Dengzheng, should be recovered For the addition and subtraction.

(4) Yiqi invigorate the spleen and liver and kidney replenishing, Huayu, such as promoting blood circulation can be anti-oxidation. Common side: four gentlemen's soup, Wuzi Yanzong pills, really solid pill (Polygonum multiflorum, Cistanche, Raspberry, Achyranthes, off-, Chinese wolfberry son), Buyanghuanwu soup. Through anti-oxidation and inhibit liver cell mutation.

The second difficulty: the recurrence prevention and treatment

It has been reported after radical resection of liver cancer, 1,3 and 5-year recurrence rate was 17.1%, 32.5% and 61.5%. No recurrence of the 5-year survival rate is much higher than the recurrence, respectively 48.9 percent and 11.0 percent. 2 years after the peak period for relapse. This shows that recurrent problem of a serious impact on long-term effect of liver cancer, prevention and treatment of postoperative recurrence has become the focus of current research.

(1) regular follow-up review: 1-2 years after February inspection once every two years or more can be 3-4 months, more than once every six months. Review include: AFP, B-ultrasound, CT scan, X-ray and liver function, and so on.

(2) the prevention of recurrence: the prevention of recurrence should be mainly in Chinese medicine, commonly used methods of prevention and drugs:

Jianpi Yiqi, anti-cancer ability to raise the body, a common side: Liujunzi soup, Buzhongyiqi soup can be modified with the permit application changes.

a Jianpi Shugan Qi, the prevention of recurrence of liver cancer. The election Xiaoyaosan addition and subtraction.

(3) recurrence of treatment: For liver cancer recurrence, should be early detection, early removal. Not with the choice of Western medicine, Chinese medicine with Western medicine or intervention in the treatment of reperfusion embolism, tumor could also consider narrowing after surgery for the treatment. Selection of reperfusion embolism can not intervene in the choice of treatment in Chinese medicine Differential Treatment.

Difficulties three: the transfer of liver cancer

Transfer of cancer research has been little progress in recent decades as medical biology and immunology of progress, the transfer of cancer research great progress has been made, first of all, invasive cancer is a prerequisite for the transfer, the transfer process and infiltration " Gene transfer "and" metastasis suppressor gene ", which can increase the transfer of tumor cells to induce tumor angiogenesis. In recent years the restrictions of Chinese medicine to prevent cancer metastasis to a lot of studies, popular is the limit tumor angiogenesis, enhance immune function, such as the study of Chinese medicine 'is commonly used in Chinese medicine: ginseng, astragalus, Cordyceps sinensis, dangshen, thorn 5 Canadian, Chinese wolfberry son, Epimedium, kiwifruit, Polygonum multiflorum, fungus, white tricks, Zhu Ling, mushrooms, Fuling, Ligustrum lucidum, cornus officinalis, Shengde Huang, psoralen, Bupleurum Powder, and so on.

Difficulties four: cancer pain Chinese medicine treatment

Pain is common symptoms of advanced liver cancer. Pain characteristics and the nature of the tumor site, size, growth rate and degree of differentiation vary, and often take pain treatment. Should follow the "three steps" and "on time, individual and oral administration," the pain principle. Under the guidance of this principle can also meet Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment with pain caused by side effects. Chinese medicine commonly used pain treatment are: internal medicine, external analgesics; Chinese Oral Health-Runchang catharsis; can effectively achieve therapeutic purposes.

Difficulties five: advanced liver cancer, loss of appetite - the evil of disease syndrome (CACS)

Differential Treatment

HCC will happen late inevitable evil of disease. Of the evil result of the reasons not entirely clear, consider consumption and cancer, cancer patients endocrine and metabolic disorders, nutritional intake of obstacles related to such factors, another hurt in anti-cancer treatment is also an important factor. Western medicine for diagnosis and treatment of CACS more generally are in nutritional support as the main means of treatment, but less effective, most only get temporary relief.

The CACS, according to Chinese medicine and more to Xulao Differential Treatment that Jiubing with serious illness, lost in conditioning, stolen or misused government rule, or Gongfa too, depletion and upright, and Jiubing injury viscera, and other relevant functions of qi and blood. Treatment of qi and blood of the five internal organs should distinguish between true, a permanent cure; distinguish what evil invasion carcinogenic to treating the symptoms.