Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What to Do When Cancer Knocks at the Door

Cancer isn't any other disease; it's quite stressful for the person, and his/her family. Of course, treatments are there, but still it's pretty much difficult to hold the tears in eyes, and say to your family that everything will be okay. I've met many cancer survivors, and believe me, meeting them was truly magical. These are the people who've gone through all the pain, all the treatments, but never lost hope. Here is what they suggested for those in whom cancer has been diagnosed.
1. Don't Lose Faith
Just hold on; things will get better. There are treatments for cancer, and success chances of cure are great if the disease is detected at an early stage, so just hold on. Don't lose your faith.
2. Family and Friends
Let them be around you. Let them be your support system. Let them tell you that you'll be fine.
3. Take the Best Cancer Treatment
Not all hospitals are equal when it comes to the best cancer treatment. Do your share of research. Find out the hospitals that are known to have the best medical professionals in the Oncology field. Fix an appointment at the earliest.
4. After Treatment
Look for the people who've had cancer treatments, and are now leading a healthy lifestyle. They'll tell you a lot about life after cancer. I've found a number of blogs and websites, which have been created by cancer survivors to help the cancer patients.
5. Exercise and Diet
Let's talk food first. Include more and more of whole grains, veggies, and fruits. Cut back on unhealthy fats and sugar. As far as exercise is concerned, morning walks are great to go for.
6. Stress Management
Cancer can be quite stressful for the entire family, so you got to manage it. Amongst the many things that you can do is dating each-other frequently (for the couples), getting outdoors, and practicing living in the present. Yoga is also quite effective in managing stress.
7. Positive Attitude
A positive mindset is all you need. The family can sit together, and plan for different things, such as hiking and horse riding. The couple can plan a romantic getaway.
Remember, cancer is not something we would ever wish on someone else, but it's changed life of many. Cancer made them rethink their priorities in life, creating healthy living choices, taking more risks, and living life a little extra.