Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cell Phone - Health Risks of Microwaving and Cooking Your Brain

It's amazing to see so many people tied to the leash of a cell phone these days. It seems that you can't drive or even take a walk without seeing scores of people with cell phones seemingly implanted into their ears. While the increase in communications technology is certainly impressive, very little is being brought into the public discourse about cell phone health risks. What you don't know about the cell phone that's glued to your ear several hours a day, could lead to some serious health issues later on in your life and actually cause damage to your brain. Is it worth the health risk to your brain to have that telephone conversation on the way home? Not-So-Smart Phones If you apply a bit of critical thinking for a moment, the cell phone health risks are a lot more realistic than you might have assumed. Think about this - the radio waves, wireless network signals and other communication waves that are circulating through the air are able to penetrate wood, metal and other building materials with very little resistance. Have you thought about those same waves beaming through your body 24 hours a day? Well, it's happening. And if you have that smartphone of yours glued to your head, it's like holding a lightning rod in the middle of a thunderstorm. Our brains and bodies are infinitely complex, and rely on electrical impulses to think, breathe and take action. When those powerful electromagnetic waves make their way through the air and into your phone, they are having a damaging effect on the electrical impulses in your brain. In other words, that "smartphone" of yours may actually be making your less smart the more you use it. Scientific tests have shown that cognitive ability sharply drops when people use their cell phones, and it's not merely a matter of being distracted either. The physiological effects of magnifying the electromagnetic waves directly toward your head results in impaired thinking and reasoning. I guess we'll all need smartphones eventually, as all of this cell phone use is working to make us dumber by the minute. It's a Wired World After All With more devices being plugged into wireless networks by the minute, before long we'll all be besieged by more of these invisible menaces than at any other point in history. The cell phone communications industry is making billions of dollars every year, and doing little, to nothing to educate people about the very real and damaging cell phone health risks. Electricians and engineers who work with electricity and electromagnetic energy for a living can tell us all horror stories of the damage that invisible frequency waves wreak on the human body. Heck, all you have to do is look at the increase in car accidents and fatalities caused by cell phone use to know that this is one trend that isn't going to end well for any of us. Or, you might visit a cancer hospital and count the number of brain cancer patients and compare this figure with the number ten years ago. Be aware of the invisible things that are going on around, in, and through your body. Is it worth being able to text that joke or to have a vacuum cleaner that does connect to the Internet, if your brain and body suffer for these ridiculous luxuries? I don't think so, and I'll be you don't either. Cell phone health risks are very real, and with the increase of wireless communications, they will continue to multiply. So the next time you have something important to say, avoid the temptation to text it while your driving, and tell the recipient in person. Your brain will be the better for it, and you might start to remember how nice it is to talk to someone face-to-face instead of via a cell phone. Download your free ebook 15 Secrets to Super Health that could put you on the fast-track to Super Health. About the Author Boro Petric, a Swiss native, became a longevity strategist after having battled a liver tumor that almost took his life. A believer in natural medicine and holistic healing, Boro has helped countless people with pain relief, and has saved people from dying after conventional medicines failed. His website is a free online resource for people who want to live longer, stronger and healthier.