Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lung Cancer Treatments - All That You Need To Know

Lung cancer is a chronic disease. Lung cancer occurs because of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in our body. In United States, this cancer is held responsible for the number of deaths. Both men and women get affected by this chronic disease and the percentage is increasing day by day. Smoking is the main cause behind this form of cancer.

Speaking about treatments, numerous are accessible but all are not up to the mark. Curing this disease is really very hard but cure is possible. The treatment depends upon the type of cancer, the stage and most importantly the condition of that person suffering from cancer. These three things matter a lot for a doctor before he starts treating the patient.

Most probably, oncologists go for surgery that involves removal of tumor and can be only applied when the malignant growth is localized. Treating the patient suffering from stage I lung cancer is easy compared to that of a person suffering from stage 4. Recognizing the disease at the first stage can provide some relief.

Four types of surgery are basically applied by the doctors- resection, sleeve resection, lobectomy and pneumonectomy. Resection is a procedure that involves the removal of a small part of lung, sleeve resection involves the removal of some parts of bronchus, lobectomy involves the removal of an entire lobe while pneumonectomy involves the removal of entire lung.

Chemotherapy is the next treatment accessible to talk about. It is a procedure where drugs are used to destroy the cells. Patients surviving from stage 3 cancer are prescribed with chemotherapy. This is a very powerful way of treating cancer and most of the patients can't tolerate the treatment resulting in different types of problems or side effects.

Radiation therapy is another way of treating cancer. It involves the procedure in which high-powered energy rays are employed to kill those cells. This procedure is applied or is administered from outside the body. This procedure is also known as external beam radiation.

Have you heard of laser and photo-dynamic therapy? Laser therapy is a unique procedure of treating cancer that involves killing of cancer cells by laser beams. Photo-dynamic therapy is also a way of killing cancerous cells in the body. The procedure is little bit long but works effectively compared to the other treatments.

These are some lung cancer treatments accessible and medical science is trying its best to find out some more treatments to cure this disease.