Saturday, March 17, 2012

Main Breast Cancer Symptoms and Early Warning Signs

Early diagnosis of breast cancer can result in less damage to the breast tissues, less severe treatment and faster curing. That is why it is particularly important to notice any disturbing signals and visit a doctor on time. Here is an overview of the breast cancer symptoms that a woman is more likely to experience.

This condition is characterized by the formation of lumps in the breast. These are usually painless, but can be felt upon touch. In addition, they sometime create a spiny sensation, even though this is not particularly common. These lumps are hard and are usually persistent after menstruation. They can be felt in the breast as well as in the underarm area.

At later stages of the development of the tumor, the sufferer can feel tenderness in the breast. Pain may also be present, but the sensation can vary from dull and achy to sharp.

A change in the size and contour of the breast is another one of the notable breast cancer symptoms. An uneven increase in size may signal this condition. It is also not uncommon for a flattening to occur in the affected area, even though a lump cannot be felt. Sometimes an indentation can appear, again without a noticeable sign of a lump. Some sufferers feel that they have a small area that resembles marble under the skin. In general, if you notice any area that is distinctively different, you should see a physician.

Another one of the breast cancer symptoms is a change in the skin texture and temperature. Some sufferers with an advanced stage of the condition experience a significant change in the skin of the affected area. It has tiny dents and becomes reddish to resemble orange peel. The area is much warmer to touch than normally.

Some sufferers experience a change in the nipple. This is one of the most easily recognizable breast cancer symptoms. It may become depressed and get an unusual dimpled look. It is also possible for the nipple to have some form of ulceration. It might feel itchy or burning.

In some cases, a discharge from the nipple can also signal the presence of a tumor. Irrespective of the discharges color and texture, you should visit a doctor immediately. This is not normal and even if you do not have a tumor, you might be suffering from another condition.

It is essential for you to call a doctor, if you have any of these breast cancer symptoms.